Safe Hands Inc.

Welcome to Safe Hands Inc. With our savior products and a desire to serve you safety like no one else, Safe Hands Inc is determined to ensure your and your staffs’ safety at all times. We at Safe Hands, are committed to extend to you our unmatched service of Quality leather safety products. We ensure that your worries about shop floor mishaps end here because when you are with us “Your Hands are in SAFE HANDS”.

Featured Saviors:

  • Heat-resistant: Provides safety to workers exposed to strong heat at work
  • Water proof: Ensures protection by keeping the hands warm and dry when working with liquids
  • Flame retardant: Ensures safe and sound working conditions even when exposed to open flames
  • Fire proof: Made to protect your workers from blisters and burns and provide comfort even when working through fire.
  • High Visibility: Provides defense from various injuries in the work places with low-light and low visbility.